Old Delhi Brunch Walk

Join us for this expeditious and fascinating, full vegetarian culinary tour that covers food, history, and culture of Old Delhi. It is a specially curated tour for those visitors who have limited time in hand, but still want to explore, experiment and experience the city, as much as they can.

We will start the tour by visiting Old Delhi's renowned Gurudwara i.e. a place of worship for the Sikh community. Here we will learn about the tenets of Sikhism and will also learn about the concept of community kitchen and other forms of services rendered by this community.

Post the Gurudwara visit, we will take you to the centuries-old Gali Paranthewali where you will relish some scrumptious Paranthas-a North Indian breakfast staple. It will be followed by a quick stroll across vibrant and colorful streets Kinari Bazar or the Wedding market. Here we will take you to see the Nau Garah which refers to the nine beautiful houses in that neighbourhood which were built in the 18th century. There's also a Jain Temple at the end of this lane. Then we will explore the 17th-century street market full selling silver jewelers since the Mughal times. Here you will try Samosa and Indian version of Pretzel called Jalebi from a 150 year old eatery.

After that indulgent meal, we will take a quick tuk-tuk ride to Asia's biggest spice market. Here you will witness the mind boggling variety of both local and exotic spices sold across closely lined up shops. Here we will take a small chai break to rejuvenate ourselves just like the locals do. Then we will head to the nearby flower market where you will be enticed by the sight and fragrance of a colourful array of flowers. Thereafter we will set out to explore the historic food joints of Chandni Chowk where we will try traditional Indian dishes like Cholle-Bhature, Lassi etc. Finally we will end the tour with some traditional Indian sweets from one of the oldest shops in the locality that had been around for over a century.

Undoubtedly it offers a quick yet profound experience about the culinary heritage and cultural canvas of 5 historical streets across Old Delhi.

Time - 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM