Hostel Hacks

HOSTEL HACKS By Prakriti Bhat To begin with, let’s admit that Hostel life is bittersweet. It’s a great learning experience as you get out of the controlled and comfortable familial environment and become more independent. However, responsibilities increase and you live on a tight budget. And if you’re a foodie like me, eating out becomes difficult and you have to do a research on the cheapest places to eat out.  Hostel mess is mostly a ‘mess’ and you’re left with two options; either go hungry or do some jugaad to calm your hunger.…Read more

The Vintage Avenue

GOING RETRO By Prakriti Bhat For me the word ‘vintage’ existed primarily as a photo filter in different photo editors. But when I visited ‘The Vintage Avenue’, I actually realized its true meaning. After the super success of Woodbox Café, its makers launched ‘The Vintage Avenue’ in December, 2014. True to its name, The Vintage Avenue promises to be your faithful time-machine as the decor takes you back in time to the golden epoch of music, cinema, and entertainment. A completely new world awaits you at the end of the stairs to this…Read more

Woodbox Cafe

A BOHEMIAN ADVENTURE By Prakriti Bhat One is spoilt for choice at Hudson lane in GTB Nagar. It caters to every mood with an array of eating joints. From Korean to Italian, you get it all here. Since it is very close to the north campus of Delhi University, this area frequently hosts students who come here to slake their taste buds. The only way for an eatery to survive here is to be different from the others in every possible way. And Woodbox Café has managed to endure this wild race successfully.…Read more

Coffee House

Coffee House By Prakriti Bhat Hidden in the bylanes of the colourful Tibetian colony, Majnu Ka Tila is ‘Coffee House’. It is 15-20 minutes away from the students’ hub-North Campus. Tucked away from the rest of the market, it is a cozy little underground café frequently thronged by students and adults alike. One can also spot monks coming here for a quiet cup of tea or coffee. Since its not very far from the north campus of Delhi University, 90% of the crowd will be students coming in to have a cup of…Read more

Mohan Lal Bhelpuri Wala

Mohan Lal Bhelpuri Wala By: Shagun Nayar We, Delhiites have always had a soft corner for lip-smacking street food. Walking on the roads of this beautiful city, you will encounter numerous stalls serving the best of street food that Delhi has to offer. Tired college students after lectures, Children on Sunday evenings and the Diet cheaters after a tiring walk or a session at the gym are bound to find themselves being drawn to their favourite street food, if it’s even possible to pick one. I, for one can never choose. However, a…Read more

COFFEE with Raju Bhaiya

COFFEE with Raju Bhaiya  By Shagun Nayar On my way back from college, I found myself craving a hot cup of well-made coffee on a rather cold windy winter evening. Okay, so one thing about staying or studying in north campus (A part of Delhi University) is that, you find innumerable places to eat. They range from the local Cholla-Kulcha Waala, the small stalls serving hot steamed Momo’s to the fancy well lit up cafes at Hudson. But having stayed and studied here for over a year and a half I have come to…Read more

Chennai Hot Cafe

May 3, 2014 Chennai Hot Café- Drink More! By Anubhav Sapra Address: E-143, Shop no.4, Kamla Nagar Contact: 9212407758 Last Sunday, my dear friend Hillary who hails from Manipur, invited us for Easter Celebrations followed by a food fest at Emanuel Baptist Church, Civil Lines. More than being a part of the celebrations, I was excited about tasting the flavors at the North East Food Festival and so I readily accepted the invitation! After participating in the Church service (songs and sermon) with my sister, we headed to the Lawns to savor the…Read more

wonder wraps

Wonder Wraps By Surabhi Bakshi Satya Niketan, the heart of South Delhi is a foodie's paradise. You get everything from Chinese to Punjabi, Italian to south Indian, it has something to please everyone's taste buds. Off late a lot of food joints have opened up but the one that has caught everyone's eye is 36 Chowringhee Lane.Located just opposite to the famous Venkateshwara college's main gate, this place has been serving awesome rolls since long. It won't be wrong to say that Chowringhee started the roll culture in Delhi. Their menu boasts of…Read more

Shake Square

                                                                                                          3rd October,2013 Chill Out at Shake Square By Sukanya Sharma Walking down the Bunglow Road of the Kamla Nagar market, one can easily miss the small “Shakes Square” amid the other equally bright signs. Once inside, you’ll never forget it.…Read more


Delhi's very own MADRAS CAFE Five years ago a man named Ranganathan, arrived at New Delhi Railway station from Chennai holding his ten year old son's hand and with dreams in his eyes. He wanted to start a small food joint in the capital to earn his livelihood. With whatever savings he had and his culinary art of making delicious South Indian delicacies-dosa, idli and vadas he started his venture near GTB metro station as his main aim was to attract the college students who throng in and around North Campus. Assisted by…Read more
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