Tea Trails

TEA TRAILS By Prakriti Bhat While Delhi is full of restaurants, pubs and cafes, there are places that tend to stand out in a crowd. With its pleasant ambience and concept, Tea Trails Bistro creates an aura of tranquility in the midst of the ever bustling Connaught Place. Done up in hues of white, aqua blue and green with wooden upholstery, it is one of those rare places in CP which bespeaks comfort and has a languid demeanour. Tea Trails is a well known name in Mumbai from where the saga began in…Read more

38 barracks

38 Barracks Ayushi Mathur Connaught Place is not only a favourite amongst Delhiites, it is also a well known and talked about attraction all across India. Its reputation is backed by a multitude of restaurants, cafes and clubs which offer a variety of food and beverage options. In a buzzing hub like Connaught Place, hundreds of restaurants open and shut down each year which encourages restaurant owners to come up with unique ideas. An astounding opening that hit Connaught Place earlier this year has to be 38 Barracks, located in M-Block outer circle.…Read more

Niche, Lounge and Bistro

Niche, Lounge and Bistro A friend of mine recently hosted a Chef’s table named Messa at Niche lounge and bistro, which is located in M block, Connaught Place overlooking the Statesman house. With over 19 years of HR background, blogging came as a hobby to him and he started Mystic Foodie Mantra a few years back. For this event, he curated a special menu for food bloggers in Delhi. Not being a regular restaurant reviewer, I wasn’t sure what to expect. The food served to us did not just look beautiful, it was…Read more


UNPLUGGED COURTYARD By Prakriti Bhat Connaught place has opened up many dining options for food lovers. From single cuisine restaurants and cafes to international brands and pubs, CP has it all. However, Unplugged Courtyard is one place that stands apart from the cluster of eateries in its vicinity. With a huge courtyard replete with a tree and comfortable canopies and table chair arrangement, the place promises an exquisite dining experience with a beautiful décor and an expansive menu. The restaurant offers 3 kinds of seating arrangements. You could go for the dimly lit…Read more

Cafe Dalal Street

Cafe Dalal Street – M Block Connaught Place                        -Ayushi Mathur In some respects, Cafe Dalal Street is the most exciting opening to hit Delhi this year. As the name suggests, the restaurant presents a unique way of serving drinks ranging from cocktails to smoothies. The price of each drink is based on a demand and supply model. The higher the demand of a drink, higher is the price and vice versa. With hundreds of cafes coming up each year, the sensex based pricing of drinks at Cafe Dalal street definitely ousts the…Read more

3 Of Connaught Place’s Sweetest Secrets

3 Of Connaught Place's Sweetest Secrets By: Aradhana Dwivedi-Verma, Anubhav Sapra The history and origins of the delectable delight that is the rasgulla, has always been a subject for heated debates, but its existence is nothing but a divine blessing for us. And what's more, eastern India is not the only region that can lay claim to making the best ones. New Delhi's Connaught Place, an exuberant shopping and eating hub, has a sinful little underbelly that not everyone is aware of. Hidden among the boutiques and swanky restaurants are street stalls selling…Read more


                 Depaul’s: The perfect blend of culture & consistency                                By: Shagun Nayar The Cosmetics, Coffee & Snack Shop located on 22 Janpath , Indian Oil Bhavan Corridor is an institution in itself.It stands tall and proud as one of the few remaining old haunts of Dilwaalon ki Dilli. Known widely for its perfect blend of frothy cold coffee & consistency throughout the years, it has managed to withstand the big bad…Read more

Ashwini ji ke Peepey wale Chole Kulche

Ashwini ji ke Peepey wale Chole Kulche By Anubhav Sapra I remember, once while reading the newspaper I came across this article which said that there are almost 250 cafes and restaurants in Connaught Place. Many come and shut down after some time and the shutters remain unnoticed. In midst of that, there are a few street food joints selling amazing dishes uninterruptedly for many years. One of them is Ashwini’s chole kulche (Mob. 9953085746) at the corner of MCD’s Anti Malaria office. The location might not sound attractive but his chole indeed…Read more


ULTIMATE DESI TWIST By Prakriti Bhat I remember, as a kid, the only condiment that fitted with every kind of food was ketchup. I am not very fond of tomatoes but a veg cutlet or stuffed bread would be incomplete without tomato ketchup. Kissan has been a leading ketchup brand, spreading smiles since 1933. The company has a huge fan-base amongst children who swear by their jams, squashes and ketchups. Since ketchups are not very spicy, they compliment kids’ meals. Now, Kissan has launched two new flavours-‘Chilly Tomato’ and ‘Sweet & Spicy’ to…Read more

Lutyens Cocktail House

The British experience in the capital: Lutyens Cocktail House By Aishaanyaa Tewari Entering the chic interiors of Lutyens Cocktail House (LCH) at 22, Janpath, right opposite Le Meridian Hotel, brings a lot of promise of a luxurious dining experience. In a space set away from the bustling inner circles of Connaught Place where restaurants and cafes are fighting it out in a constant battle to win over palates, LCH is strategically positioned away from this competition telling its own story of British sophistication and elegance, serving the Delhi powerhouse comfort food and a…Read more
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