Koyla Kebab

Koyla Kebab

When One Door Closes another Opens By Anubhav Sapra In the past couple of years I have taken refuge in Old Delhi. The waft of the meaty fragrant kebabs draws me in to the alleyways of Matia Mahal. But this time I decided to explore, skip the hustle and bustle of ‘purani dilli’ and traverse across the city. The rain gave me an excuse to flee from the old to the new. I landed at one of the upscale markets of South Delhi- Defence Colony, which for me has always been synonymous with…Read more

Happiness with icing

HAPPINESS WITH ICING By Prakriti Bhat Baking is very different from cooking, not just in concept but also because of the techniques. In cooking, you can add spices as per your convenience. You can deviate from the recipe and even if something goes wrong with the spices, you can always redo or fix it. But once a cake is baked, that’s it. No more changes. How do I know this? Because while ‘trying’ to make a coffee mug cake, one of the ingredients read “All Purpose Flour”, I mistook it for Wheat flour…Read more


KENNEDY’S By Prakriti Bhat West Delhi is full of culinary treats that often go unnoticed. When one talks of Street Food, the brain conjures images of Chaat, Momos, Kebabs, Chaap and what not! Areas like Chandni Chowk, Bengali Market and Connaught Place are more than often supposed to come up in such foodie daydreams. Going by ethnic geography, West Delhi has a majority of Punjabi population. Food is an integral part of their culture and every Delhite delights in the glory of Punjabi khana. Therefore, it comes as no shock that West Delhi…Read more

Jordan Food Festival

JORDAN FOOD FESTIVAL AT ZERZURA By Prakriti Bhat Delhi is an amalgamation of cultures. As a Delhite, I feel proud of the diversity we have and our acceptance of different cultures and traditions. This is quite evident from the wide variety of cuisines this city offers. From Japanese to African and European, the world is served to us on a platter, quite literally. Every food lover is on the lookout for new flavours and new cuisines. The ongoing Jordan Food Festival in Zerzura is sure to help one on such an expedition. Zerzura…Read more

Tea Trails

TEA TRAILS By Prakriti Bhat While Delhi is full of restaurants, pubs and cafes, there are places that tend to stand out in a crowd. With its pleasant ambience and concept, Tea Trails Bistro creates an aura of tranquility in the midst of the ever bustling Connaught Place. Done up in hues of white, aqua blue and green with wooden upholstery, it is one of those rare places in CP which bespeaks comfort and has a languid demeanour. Tea Trails is a well known name in Mumbai from where the saga began in…Read more

The Hippie Trail

THE HIPPIE TRAIL By Prakriti Bhat Delhi has no dearth of fine dining restaurants and cafes. And when it comes to Hauz Khas Village (HKV), it’s the ‘baap’ of all food scenes. From cafes to restaurants and pubs, it has everything. Whether it’s the tiredness after a stroll of the Fort and Deer Park or simple foodie cravings, HKV caters to all your needs. While it is more popular for its vivacious nightlife, HKV also houses some hidden gems like The Hippie Trail which completely change your perception of the area. It may…Read more


LONDONERS By Prakriti Bhat London is a melting pot of cultures and a mélange of different lifestyles. People of various ethnicities coexist in perfect harmony. Londoners Bistro and Pub in GK-1 is an embodiment of the cultural conglomeration that London is. While the name may make us think that the place serves purely British food, it also conjures up a blend of cuisines that is quite popular in London. The brainchild of Paritosh Mittal, an engineer by profession, Londoners has a great ambience with vibrant décor and classy upholstery. Blue seems to be…Read more

Bilal Hotel

Bilal Hotel – Matia Mahal lane, Jama Masjid  Ayushi Mathur The Mughal Empire is known for its grandeur reflected by the larger than life architecture, the flamboyant culture and the eclectic artistry. The Mughal emperors also brought with them the fascination for a rich and diverse cuisine, which led to the conception of a variety of dishes that are popular even today. One of the dishes that originated during the last Mughal Sultanate is called Nihari, a slow cooked beef stew eaten for breakfast. First developed in the late eighteenth century, Nihari was…Read more


TONY’S By Prakriti Bhat Delhi University’s North Campus can surely be called a student hub. Apart from housing some of the most popular colleges, the area also provides different modes of recreation for students. Kamla Nagar (K-Nags) caters to your basic needs like clothing, books and has some really good eating joints while GTB Nagar is brimming with student friendly cafes. Another popular area is the Patel Chest Market which sells all kinds of questions papers and from where you can get your notes photocopied at a very cheap price. What many people…Read more

Hanami Summer Menu

Hanami Summer Menu Japan’s Hanami festival celebrates the ephemeral season of cherry blossoms. Guppy by ai, the most celebrated Japanese restaurant in Delhi, recreates the magic of the Hanami Festival (25th April to 30th May) through its dishes by introducing a special menu that captures its essence. Known for his culinary expertise, Chef Vikram spearheads the kitchen at Guppy by ai. Away from the sweltering heat of Delhi, the food journey started with cold sweet Corn and Avocado soup, enriched with soy milk. The soup is served with salt and a slice of lemon, which adde a distinct…Read more