FINESSE AT L’ADRESSE By Prakriti Bhat Rajouri Garden is home to several restaurants, pubs and cafes. L’Adresse Kitchen and bar is the latest addition to this list. With plush upholstery and an elegant décor, it is the perfect restaurant you would want to visit for a lazy Sunday brunch or a date. The restaurant recently hosted a Bloggers Meet and it was a wonderful experience. From the entry to the interiors, aqua blue is the main theme. I, personally, love this colour so the mood was set just right. The seating is comfortable…Read more


IVY AND BEAN By Prakriti Bhat We all dream of a getaway place. That place which allows you to get lost in your own world. That place which gives you solace. That place which is a heaven in the middle of nowhere. Shahpur Jaat, well known as the boutique hub is mushrooming with cafes. Ivy and Bean is one of these cafes. What makes it different from others is its buoyant atmosphere and aesthetic décor. This is the perfect place to get snug as a bug (without a rug). Finding it is a…Read more