11 Old Delhi Eateries You Must Not Miss This Ramzan

11 Old Delhi Eateries You Must Not Miss This Ramzan By Anubhav Sapra, Founder, Delhi Food Walks Published in Huffington Post. Here is the link to the post- http://www.huffingtonpost.in/anubhav-sapra/11-musttry-iftar-eateries_1_b_7685156.html In the holy month of Ramzan, Muslims from all over the world fast from dawn to dusk to come closer to God. Abstaining from food and drink during the day, the faithful Muslim may eat two meals a day - the pre-dawn suhoor and iftar at dusk. During iftar, Old Delhi becomes a paradise for food connoisseurs. The lane opposite Jama Masjid - Bazar Matia Mahal - is filled with…Read more


#TheGourmetStudio By Anubhav Sapra Delhi Gourmet Club, Delhi-NCR’s premier food club and Groupon India has introduced an incredible offer for the food lovers in Delhi. They have come up with ‘The Gourmet Studio’, an initiative that aims to feature the culinary expertise of the Top Chef’s of India. Starting with Chef Vaibhav Bhargava of  Pan Asian - Sheraton Delhi; the campaign brings foodies a specially curated six-course tasting menu. I feel privileged to be a part of the launch with the stalwarts Atul Sikand and Sourish Bhattacharya from Delhi Gourmet Club; Ankur Warikoo,…Read more


THE TOP 10 STREET FOOD DISHES OF DELHI AND WHERE TO FIND THEM BY ANUBHAV SAPRA 1. Samosas Photo: Anubhav Sapra The most popular snack and street food of Delhi. The origin of the samosa can be traced back to the Middle East, where it was known as sambosa. The vegetarian version consists of a plain flour covering stuffed with potatoes, lentils, green peas or cauliflower. Some even make it sweet by filling it with khoya (thickened whole milk heated in open iron pans) or chhena (fresh curd cheese made from water buffalo milk). The non-vegetarian version of the samosa comes with minced…Read more


ULTIMATE DESI TWIST By Prakriti Bhat I remember, as a kid, the only condiment that fitted with every kind of food was ketchup. I am not very fond of tomatoes but a veg cutlet or stuffed bread would be incomplete without tomato ketchup. Kissan has been a leading ketchup brand, spreading smiles since 1933. The company has a huge fan-base amongst children who swear by their jams, squashes and ketchups. Since ketchups are not very spicy, they compliment kids’ meals. Now, Kissan has launched two new flavours-‘Chilly Tomato’ and ‘Sweet & Spicy’ to…Read more

Lights Camera Action

Lights Camera Action By Anubhav Sapra In Khari Baoli, Pakodimal doodhwala used to sell excellent burfiwali lassi, which had a piece of burfi mixed in the yoghurt. His Mathura style lassi tastes similar in which the sweetness doesn’t come from added sugar but from the burfi. After he passed away a few years ago, I could not come across a better burfiwali lassi elsewhere in Delhi. The other day, I went to Lights Camera Action (LCA), a new restaurant situated at B.K. Dutt Market in Rajouri Garden. I was extremely delighted to have…Read more

Brahmputra Market Street Food

Brahmaputra Market : the combination of chalk and cheese By Priyanka Sharma Brahmaputra Market, situated in Sector 29, Noida perceived as the “mini Chandni Chowk” by many is the quintessence of a food paradise. A large number of street food vendors dot the market place, so that you cannot step out of the area without pleasing your taste buds. This place is never without people at any point of the day. So if you are in a mood of munching something? Or not? This place is definitely going to get you spoilt for…Read more

Bhaiya Lal’s Pineapple Burfi

Bhaiya Lal’s Pineapple Burfi By Anubhav Sapra  Being a self confessed sweets addict, I am constantly looking out for sweet shops. Some of my favorite sweet shops in Chandni Chowk are - Chaina Ram in Fatehpuri Chowk for Karanchi halwa and sev badam, Hajari Lal Jain in Kinari Bazar for rabri and khurchan, Ghantewala near Fountain Chowk for sohan halwa, Tewari brothers near Town Hall for motichur ke laddu, Annapurna Sweets opposite Seeshganj Gurudwara for Bengali sweets and of course, Dariba Kalan’s famous jalebi. I was walking down the Dariba street when I…Read more


Barcelos By Prakriti Bhat Amongst the swarm of eating joints in Khan Market is debutante Barcelos which opened on 26th February, 2015 under Mr. Costa Maziz. It is situated opposite Café Turtle and is adjacent to the Chinese restaurant Soy, so locating it is not at all a problem. Like the other restaurants in this area, Barcelos too is situated atop a narrow staircase. Delhi has a lot of options for Italian and other such cuisines but this restaurant promises a completely different experience by bringing the Afro-Portuguese cuisine to your plate at…Read more