Indian Coffee House

Back to the bygone era: Indian Coffee House, CP By Sanskrit Nagar A place where you have an almost ideal mix of sunlight and shade, where the wild and the civilized are in perfect harmony, no one disturbs while you brainstorm over a meal that is as cheap as it was quite a few years back. And when I say, “quite a few years back”, your mind takes you to just one place, yes Indian Coffee House. The oldest café in Delhi, where revolutionaries and freedom fighters once met, greets you with unbelievably…Read more

Lala ji’s poori and sabzi

Lala ji’s poori and sabzi By Anubhav Sapra Recently the statements by Congress MP Raseed Masood and spokesperson Raj Babbar about the availability of food between Rs. 5-12 made headlines everywhere, from national dailies to news channels. Like all others, I also  found it very hard to believe the claim and decided to check it for myself. I tried to explore every nook and corner of the famous streets of Purani Dilli, starting from Bara Dari, Ballimaran, Matia Mahal, Lal kuan, Sardar Swarup Chowk, Khari baoli to Chandni Chowk including many kuchas and galis to find out a place where…Read more

Rose Cafe

  ROSE CAFE - SAKET By Poorva Shourie The other day I was talking to a friend, telling her how, being a part of the current age is a blessing in disguise. Gone are those days when we had to wait for long lost relatives to visit India and talk at length about the food, the culture and the delicacies aboard. Gone are those days too, when we could only imagine how a scone would taste after reading an Enid Blyton. Today, especially in Delhi, every second day a new café opens literally…Read more

Having food, the Thai way!

  Having food, the Thai way! By Kanchan Bisht No matter who you are, where you live and what you’ve achieved in life, food remains most of ours’ weakness and it is food that bonds us to people. If you’re a foodie, well then, here’s to you. If you get tempted to have something because of its aroma, just in case you prefer spicy food, nutritious and delicious curries over regular food, you ought to try Thai food Sydney. Thailand’s national cuisine, Thai, has every element to get your mouth water, the aroma…Read more

Guru Da Dhaba

                              Guru Da Dhaba                                                          By Ramneek Chawla If you happen to walk by the lanes of sector 8,Rohini and all of a sudden you start feeling hungry, just so you know who to blame, Guru da dhaba is the small open restaurant at the corner of the street tempting your taste…Read more


MUST TRY: SPEEDY CHOW AND ROLLMAAL By Sanskriti Nagar My association with Speedy Chow and Rollmaal did not just begin on the 11th of October when they invited us for their food reviewing but quite before that, since the time their names caught my attention when said on the radio stations. I am sure you would have heard them too and surely would have spent a second at their exclusivity. But they certainly had much more than just exclusivity; they have a purpose, an aim. Let me just brief you through my two…Read more


MAD OVER MOCHA By Ritika Sharma Mocha lies amidst the exuberance of the elite mall,DLF Place,Saket. Its intensive look entices every passerby. Its vibrant furniture and distinctive roof is a treat to the eyes and something which attracts me a lot is the way they have made their lamps i.e with recycled crushed bottles. Mocha opened its gate at Churchgate,Mumbai in December 2001.It boasted an eclectic Indo-Tibetan theme and fresh worldly coffee.Mocha was introduced to Delhi in May,2004 and had a cozy feel to it.It had a Neo Middle Eastern Lounge Theme.It has…Read more


RollMaal By Aisha Bhattacharya What is in a Roll you ask? Here at RollMaal – That is the question!!! ‘Roll ke andar kya hai?’ Located below Mocha in Defence Colony Market, RollMaal is as easy to locate as a BMW parked among 10 Santros. Okay, Bad joke, But, seriously so easy to find. The entrance is this fascinating display of ‘Belans’ or Rolling Pins to the uninitiated. Yes, Floor to Ceiling sheets of Glass with Belans stacked in between. Very unique and so original. The place is small and can probably seat 20…Read more

Speedy Chow

Speedy Chow By Aisha Bhattacharya For someone who can eat at Mamagoto almost every day – Speedy Chow is a relief for the pocket! The menu is more or less the same, which is great, but it’s the pricing that really makes once smile! Fast, fresh and tasty food. So Speedy and very Chow! A group of us went over to this little restaurant tucked away in Kailash Colony market. The location is the same spot previously occupied by Ambarsari and Barista before that. Very special to me because I won a contest…Read more

Charan Kumar’s Punjabi Rasoi Tadka

Charan Kumar’s Punjabi Rasoi Tadka By Anubhav Sapra Who likes to queue up to pay bills? Long, sweaty lines, standing and waiting and doing nothing fruitful, none of us, right? But if surviving the long long lines do not prove a waste of time and get you to hog on some amazing food, wouldn't you just love it? Charan Kumar's Punjabi Rasoi Tadka is perhaps the reason owing to which people living in and around North Campus do not mind standing in the long queues in front of the TDPPL office. You will…Read more