Raaga,the coffee lounge

Italian delicacy in Delhi..!! By-Samridhi Jain  Raaga – The coffee lounge correctly stands on the ground that you cannot judge a book by its cover, the place will not attract you initially due to its location and surroundings but once inside, you forget all about it and find it a combination of homey and upscale restaurant. The ambiance is cozy, comfortable and pleasant with elite finesse. The restaurant has a very musical and calm aura which works well with their menu. The place is perfect for all ages, if you wanna go alone,…Read more


Delhi's very own MADRAS CAFE Five years ago a man named Ranganathan, arrived at New Delhi Railway station from Chennai holding his ten year old son's hand and with dreams in his eyes. He wanted to start a small food joint in the capital to earn his livelihood. With whatever savings he had and his culinary art of making delicious South Indian delicacies-dosa, idli and vadas he started his venture near GTB metro station as his main aim was to attract the college students who throng in and around North Campus. Assisted by…Read more

The Golden Fiesta

  The Golden Fiesta By Tanya Kapoor I visited Golden Fiesta  on the recommendation of a friend whose opinion I'm slightly skeptical about! I wasn’t expecting much from a restaurant located in  the overly crowded lajpat nagar market.  Golden Fiesta  is located on a narrow road facing the Tagore public school  with no inside parking facility. However  it's a welcome oasis for scores of hungry and thirsty shoppers who visit the market each day. Be warned though – the place  has just 3 stand-up tables where patrons and other shoppers jostle for elbow…Read more

I Say Why Not Chinese?

I Say Why Not Chinese? A little of boiling, a sprinkle of oriental spices and a taste that takes you by the green trail to the Great ‘est’ Wall. Chinese is more than this, especially when it comes straight from the tandoor! Placed in Jawahar Nagar, Y Not Chinese or more familiarly called the “YNC” is the trendiest joint for youngsters. Set with tables and two to eight chairs around them, YNC is surely a place to bond.  Have you ever had the fascinating experience of a place that is dark but still there…Read more

Ane China

ANE China By Ramneek Chawla If Chinese cuisine is what you like and you’d like to have it multiple times a week, but are afraid to shed out huge amount of money the restaurants charge, then my friend you’ve come to the right place. Ane China is the place for you. Where else would you be able to get Half-plate veg. chowmein (which actually is a plate full) at just Rs. 40. Well I say, ‘at Ane China’. It is a tiny-miny open counter shop which serves you your order at the quickest…Read more

Anna Cafe

Anna’s Cafe Who knew that a tiny stall called Anna’s Cafe has been parked outside NIFT for 16 years? For 16 years Anna has been selling lip-smacking South India food at the most affordable prices ever. He has been saving us one hunger pang at a time. For all the vegetarians this is a must try place and for all the ‘Tuesday’ believers like me this can be your ‘go to place’. My personal favourite is The Vadas. No other place can balance the exterior crispiness and the inner softness of a Vada…Read more


DEPAUL'S  COFFEE  AT  JANPATH -by Shailaja Das   A trip to the Janpath market is incomplete without a stop at the famous Depaul's for a bottle of cold coffee. Shopping at Janpath for cheap good quality products is an exhilarating but exhausting experience. It leaves you dehydrated and famished. But don't you worry, Depaul's is right there to your rescue. The outer part of the shop serves snacks and cold coffee while the inside of it caters to your hot cofee (which is as good as the cold coffee, if not better) and…Read more

Ever heard of a Gajar Parantha?

Ever heard of a Gajar Parantha? By Kashish Badar It’s a rare site to see a woman managing a restaurant in Old Delhi, but I was lucky enough to witness it myself. Owning one of the most famous shops in Paranthe Wali Gali, Mrs. Sakun Sharma is a middle aged woman handling Babu Ram Devi Dayal Paranthe Wale. Set amidst the hustling and bustling locality of Chandni Chowk, Paranthe Wali Gali, as the name suggests, is a hub for parantha (Indian flatbread) lovers. There are almost ten shops in the street which specialise…Read more

Bombay ‘ishtyle’ Chaat

Bombay ‘ishtyle’ Chaat By Navani Satija, Delhi food walks SO, now if I go around asking most of my fellow DU-ites about where do they head for a daily ‘let’s-have-a-snack’ break? It is most obvious that that I’d be greeted with peevish faces (primarily because of their slog routine!). But, when it comes to the all girls’ college with the most gorgeous crowd across DU, all the cheerless faces disappear. And here’s where the most loved BOMBAY BHEL PURI right outside Lady Shri Ram College For Women comes into the picture. On being…Read more

All American Dinner

Eat Ito eat all the night and the day, and groove to Elvis Presley! -By Ayushi Teotia Back in the days when Lindsay Lohan or Hilary Duff ruled the teenage cinematic audience with peppy and perfect performances in their respective movies, showing specific relevance to the upbeat culture of Diners and their meager incomes from the same, as they slid past, table to table, taking orders and serving food. Yes, All American Diner will surely remind you of scenes from such movies, or instill a feeling of being in a typical diner, if nothing…Read more
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