CHINA KITCHEN- HYATT REGENCY By Prakriti Bhat Hyatt has been serving its patrons since years. One of the reasons people keep coming back is their unmatched hospitality and high quality service which makes every experience at Hyatt truly memorable. Luxury at its best seems to be their motto. With aesthetic interiors and a genial staff, Hyatt has the best of everything, be it their restaurants, gym or swimming pool. Their Chinese restaurant, The China Kitchen recently launched their new menu and it is sure to tantalize your taste buds. Now a lot of…Read more

Kanshi Ram and Dinesh ke Chole Kulche

Kanshi Ram and Dinesh ke Chole Kulche By Anubhav Sapra Every Dellhite’s favourite street food is Chhole Kulche! It is one of the most celebrated go-to food of Delhi and everyone has a favourite local joint. Recently, on the recommendation of my foodie friend, Karan, I tried a very different kind of Kulche chole in Azadpur. The name of the Chhole Kulche joint is Dinesh ke chole kulcha va garam pulav. Located next to Akash Cinema, Azadupur, it is easy to spot, because of the hordes of people surrounding his cart. The cart…Read more


Kuppies I could easily envisage the constant mushrooming of bakeries in Delhi. Many home bakers have taken to the streets their products and commercialised its value. Due to rapid population growth, and rising foreign influence, baked goods are quickly gaining popularity among younger generations, contributing significantly to the growth trajectory of the baking industry. Khan Market and other upscale markets in South Delhi have some of the best bakers in Delhi. However, there is a huge gap between the bakery products that are affordable and those that taste good. To fill this gap,…Read more

Veda and Djinggs, Gurgaon

Veda and Djinggs, Gurgaon Ayushi Mathur In the recent years, Delhi has been sensationalised by restaurants exhibiting innovative concepts around food and drinks. Even with the increase in popularity of modern food preparation techniques like molecular gastronomy, traditional Indian cuisine is highly appreciated. For almost a decade, Veda has been providing an exclusive Indian dining experience with flavours from across India woven into exquisite meals. Dining at Veda has been a wholesome experience brought to its patrons by the marvellous interiors, soothing classical music and matchless service. After a successful run in multiple…Read more

Take off Scarlet

Take off Scarlet, Punjabi Bagh Ayushi Mathur Punjabi bagh is becoming the new hub for exciting new cafes, restaurants and lounges. One extraordinary addition to the glamour of Punjabi bagh is a lounge called Take off Scarlet. Located on the Club Road, TOS is the ultimate destination for all the party lovers with its mouth-watering food, a huge dance floor and non-stop dance beats. Decorated with gold and bronze statues, TOS has interiors that will take you to the ancient Greek times. Take off Scarlet has a rich multi cuisine menu and the…Read more

Smoke on Water

Smoke on Water, Connaught Place Ayushi Mathur For all those beer lovers out there, Delhi just got a lot more exciting. There’s no more a need to wait for your beer to be served to you, now you can tap your beer at Smoke on Water. With beer taps on every table, Smoke on Water is Delhi’s first Gastropub that lets you pour your own beer. All you need to do is sit at your table, choose the beer you want and pour it yourself whenever you want! Smoke on Water has brought…Read more

Lallan Kulche Wala

Lallan Kulche Wala By Kshitij Rathore Darya Ganj has been a representative of lip smacking street cuisine since time immemorial. However, in the recent time, it has lost its lustre due to the popularity of places like Hauz Khas Village and Greater Kailash market. This is the reason I decided to explore Darya Ganj ­ to rediscover its lost sheen and to explore the scrumptious food that this place offers. I was walking around Hindu Park when I found a small cart named 'Lallan special Chole Kulche'. Intrigued, I went up to the…Read more


THE UNIVERSITY BISTRO By Prakriti Bhat Hudson Lane is brimming with cafés. Theme based, cuisine based, you name it and Hudson has it. Amongst several cafes in GTB Nagar, stands The University Bistro, also known as TUB. Comfort food at a comfortable price seems to be the motto of this place. My friend and I settled on this place for lunch. Though the place is not very spacious, the décor compensates for it with intriguing thematic adornment of walls. A full wall is dedicated to travel and tourism with postcards, pictures of landscapes…Read more

Monsoon Menu at Unplugged Courtyard

Monsoon Menu at Unplugged Courtyard Ayushi Mathur Ever since Unplugged Courtyard opened up in Connaught place, it has been loved by all for its beautiful decor and distinctive menu. And just when we thought it couldn’t do better, Unplugged Courtyard launched a completely new Monsoon Menu encompassing a variety of coastal flavours. The Monsoon menu has some exciting appetizers along with mind blowing drinks and desserts. Monsoons are always pleasant; giving us relief from the scorching heat and Unplugged Courtyard is the only restaurant that celebrates this season with a new exciting menu…Read more

Smoothie Factory

SMOOTHIE FACTORY By Prakriti Bhat There are many places in CP and Janpath where you can grab a quick bite. But with most of the places offering junk food, the health conscious people are not left with many options.  Cottage Café by Smoothie Factory is one of the myriad options to satiate your taste buds in Janpath but most of the items on their menu are low on fat, thereby giving you a healthy meal. After a fun filled and exhausting Rahgiri session at CP, one could easily make a pit stop at…Read more